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Learning the Word for Life - Series

Learning the Word for Life - Series
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This is the complete Learning The Word for Life series. 

The scriptures you will be drawing in this series are

Book 1 - Foundations - Key verses from the Picture Smart Bible lessons. Perfect for memorization.

Book 2 - Bread for the Wilderness - Relating to key issues in life. (anger management, self esteem, etc..)

Book 3 - God, Your Real Dad - Help students develop an intimate "Daddy" relationship with God.

The "Learning the Word for Life" books are designed to help people of virtually all ages renew their mind with the word of God by memorizing and meditating on Scriptures. Using the same methodology as the Picture Smart Bible, you will be amazed how fast you are able to memorize the Word of God, and once it is memorized, you will find your mind meditating on it all day long. It will get into your heart and make an impact on your life as a whole.

In addition to a Master Drawing and matching Student Sheet for each verse, we provide a "Dialogue with God" page on which the student can journal. This helps transfer the Scripture from the head to the heart and implant the word of God (James 1:21). Students are actually developing their own devotions.

The lessons in these book are referenced at the end of each Picture Smart Bible lesson in the "Implant the Word" section, so they can be used as extra study if you choose.  

Age appropriate: 

This program was created for fourth grade through adult.


Included: We have two options for you to purchase this series. 

  • Three Books or
  • The Resource CD (The CD will work with either MAC or PC computers and is driven by Adobe Acrobat which is included for you. No other software is necessary.)

Each option is reproducible for your own needs. 

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Learning the Word for Life - SERIES

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